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Tranquility ATN Disposable Briefs, Size XL, Case of 72
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Tranquility ATN Disposable Briefs, Size XL, Case of 72

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Tranquility ATN Briefs feature maximum absorbent capacity that enables an uninterrupted night's sleep without compromising skin safety. Tranquility ATN Briefs with the patented Peach Mat Construction guarantees optimal skin dryness odor control and inhibition of bacterial and fungal growth. The super-absorbent polymers can absorb over a quart of liquid without leaking. Plus the Peach Mat neutralizes urine pH to reduce skin irritation and controls odor. Kufguards channel fluid into the absorbent core to prevent leg leakage. Caregivers experience greater peace of mind knowing those they care for experience greater comfort and a more normal lifestyle using Tranquility ATN Briefs. if(typeof P !== 'undefined' && typeof P.when !== 'undefined') { P.when('product-description-fix').execute(function(productDescription){productDescription.fixTableIssue(); }); }

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