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About us

“From Toddlers to Retirees - We Have Something for Everyone”


At 3 Kings Medical, we have the perfect solutions for individuals of any age group. We are a group of dedicated, qualified and highly motivated professionals with expert-level knowledge and several years of experience in the science of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

We stock original brand name products that offer the ultimate level of comfort and are designed with allergen-free materials that keep your skin safe from irritability, dryness and discomfort.

We value lasting solutions over short-term appeasements and offer a range of diapers, underwear, sanitary pads, mattress protectors, disposal bags and several other daily living solutions that are meant to last for longer!

We believe in quality over quantity. All our suppliers are well known household name brands that use the highest manufacturing standards and quality materials that ensure durability, long-life and reliability.  

Our suppliers are committed to providing customized and tailor-made products to the widest range of customers, at a global level. These include diapers and pads for toddlers and adults, disposable under pads, gloves, wipes, swim diapers and washable bed and chair pads. In addition, we also offer puppy pads and other custom-made products for pets and animals.

Affiliated with some of the leading international brands in customer care and medical supplies, we bring you the finest and the most diverse range of personal hygiene and skin protection solutions that cater to all your cleanliness needs.

To learn more on our products and to check out our amazing collection, please feel free to contact us!