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SCA 67804 Tena Flex Fitted Briefs Size Small (Size 8) Pack of 30

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Tena Flex Fitted Briefs (formerly called Flex-i-fit) are uniquely designed with comfort protection AND ease of use in mind. The long belt-like straps stay securely around the waist with velcro and the diaper also attaches in front with velcro for easy fastening and refastening. These briefs are ideal when heavy protection is needed and changes are sometimes made while the user is standing up including children with disabilities who have outgrown retail baby diapers. Changes can easily be made without removing the users shoes or pants therefore eliminating the need to lay the user down for every change. The Tena Flex briefs can also easily be put on without assistance from someone else. (3 bags of 28) if(typeof P !== 'undefined' && typeof P.when !== 'undefined') { P.when('product-description-fix').execute(function(productDescription){productDescription.fixTableIssue(); }); }

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