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RB41076 - Abri-Flex Special M/L2 Premium Protective Underwear, Pack of 18
Abena North America

RB41076 - Abri-Flex Special M/L2 Premium Protective Underwear, Pack of 18

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Abri-Flex Special is a breakthrough in pull-up technology. It creates a completely new standard. The Abri-Flex Special is specifically designed to fit any body contour or to be used during intense physical activity. This is accomplished by several cutting edge innovations which ensure a snug fit. Furthermore, it absorbs more than twice as much liquid as U.S. manufactured pull-ups. The average U.S. pull-up absorbs roughly 700ml and this Abri-Flex Special absorbs 1700ml. The Abri-Flex Special has these special features: (1) Ultimate Elastication - The crotch area has both vertical and horizontal stitching which provides a snug fit and leakage security in all situations; (2) Fully Elasticated Legs - More material and longer legs ensures a perfect fit for all body contours or particularly during strenuous physical activities; (3) Divided Absorbent Core - The core is split in 2, forming a channel which allows sensationally fast dispersal of liquid; (4) Softly Sealed Side Seams - Ultra-Sonic sealing ensures optimum softness; (5) Improved leg fit due to increased elastication ensures that the product stays in place. The Abri-Flex Special is much more elasticized than traditional pull-up's. This unisex product allows a very snug body fit for all individual body shapes and in all situations, thereby minimizing the risk of leakage. The unique elastication ensures that the product stays in place also when saturated with liquid, whether the user is sitting up or laying down. This product is Sized as a Small/Medium and fits 26” to 47” hip/waist. The absorption capacity is 1700ml. Each bag contains 20 units.

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