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Prevail Pant Liners size Large Plus Elastic, 13" x 28" 96/Case
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Prevail Pant Liners size Large Plus Elastic, 13" x 28" 96/Case

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Prevail Pant Liners are contoured body-shaped incontinence pads that offers a safe and secure approach to stress and urge urinary incontinency. Prevail Pant Liners protection is on par with incontinence briefs but fit right inside your own underwear for more discreet usability. The cut of the pad combined with the leg elastics cause the pad to curve with the body for ultimate comfort and protection. Prevail Pant Liners feature a thin design and the Quick Wick with MaxSoft Technology which improves product performance and wearer comfort through specialized materials and processes. The combination provides superior softness and rapid acquisition for optimum product performance that pulls fluid into the core leaving skin drier and reducing the chance of leakage. Prevail Pant Liners Breathable Zone Prevail Pant Liners feature a breathable outer fabric that allows air flow and more comfort than traditional plastic-backed adult incontinence products. The breathable zone reduces the risk of skin irritation from heat build up and helps maintain skin wellness. Ideal for Toileting Program Prevail Pant Liners offer a high level of dignity and comfort and are ideal for wearers that are on a toileting program. Pant liners are more discreet and easier to use than briefs and fit securely inside your own underwear. Prevail Pant Liners are easy to use and change as needed. They are individually wrapped and the cover peels away to reveal the adhesive strip. if(typeof P !== 'undefined' && typeof P.when !== 'undefined') { P.when('product-description-fix').execute(function(productDescription){productDescription.fixTableIssue(); }); }

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