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Smith & Nephew

Cuticerin Gauze Dressing 3" x 8" [Box of 10]

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Smith & Nephew Cuticerin Gauze Dressing 3" x 8" Non-aqueous, Non-linting Dressing -Box of 10 Each. Product is manufacturered and licensed by Smith & Nephew . Product is categorized as a impregnated nonadherent dressings . HCPCS: A6223 . Smith & Nephew Cuticerin Gauze Dressing 3" x 8" Non-aqueous, Non-linting Dressing. Silverlon Burn Pad Dressings, and Wound Pad Dressings are broad spectrum 7 day use antimicrobial barrier dressings. The surface of the nylon-based dressing is plated with pure metallic silver, which is the source of the antimicrobial silver ion. The silver ions disassociate from the surface of the dressing in the presence of moisture. Silver ion release rates are maintained by maintaining the moisture content of the burn and wound dressing. The Silverlon Burn Pad Dressing is multilaminate burn dressing composed of a wound contact layer of Silverlon fabric, an absorbency pad layer of rayon and a backing layer of film urethane. The backing film urethane layer has multiple 5mm slits that allow wetting the pad without removal of the dressing from the wound surface. Smith & Nephew Cuticerin Gauze Dressing supports ideal wound healing environment Finely interwoven, impregnated smooth Acetate fibres discourage healing wounds from "growing through" the mesh structure Helps promote faster healing and skin cell regeneration Soothes minor burns and scalds Maintains moisture close to the wound site Discourages hard scab formation Economical wound dressing

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