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3M Medipore™ H 6" x 10 Yard(120)Soft Cloth Surgical Tape (882866) Category: Surgical Tape

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Item Model Number: 2866 (1/Roll) - Medipore H Soft Cloth Surgical Tape, 6 Inch x 10 Yards, Hypoallergenic, Higher Adhesion, Water Resistant. Gentle, breathable to maintain skin integrity. Easy-tear perforated roll. Excellent cross and diagonal stretch to accommodate swelling and movement. High adhesion, breathable soft cloth tape for a range of applications. Provides stronger adhesion for challenging applications. The tape is a non-woven polyester and is soft and gentle to skin, reducing the risk of skin irritation. Particularly useful for securing wound dressings, tubing and catheters. Porous and breathable. Easy to handle, with or without gloves, without curling edges, or sticking to itself. Easy-tear perforated rolls for quick tailoring.

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