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Dispatch 68978 Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach, 128 fl oz Refill

Dispatch 68978 Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach, 128 fl oz Refill

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Trusted by more hospitals than any other ready-to-use bleach products for killing C. difficile spores. Designed for use in healthcare settings, it's the same great dispatch formula you know and trust. But with a new look that embodies the Clorox healthcarebrand and our commitment to providing solutions specifically designed and labeled for the needs of the healthcare end user. Dispatch is premixed, ready to use and is similar to the 1:10 bleach solution strength that is recommended by CDC guidelines for effective disinfecting. Dispatch contains an anticorrosive ingredient that makes it less damaging to surfaces or equipment than conventionally prepared bleach solutions. It is stable and pleasant to use. Dispatch remains stable through expiration date on the package. Cleaner disinfectant in one step: In addition to being a fast, broad-spectrum disinfectant, dispatch spray is also an excellent cleaner because it contains detergent and an anticorrosive ingredient that minimizes damage to surfaces and equipment. Dispatch spray can be used on a variety of hard, nonporous surfaces such as stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, hard plastics, nonporous vinyl, painted surfaces, Plexiglas, laminated plastic countertops, fiberglass (sealed) surfaces, glazed porcelain and glass. May be used for instrument precleaning and disinfection of noncritical instruments. Caution: causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Do not use this product with ammonia or acids such as vinegar, rust removers or toilet bowl cleaners. Not intended for use on fabrics. Use by expiration date. Capacity: 128 oz refill bottle.

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